Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kinship?

Kinship is a supervised parenting center. Within the agency we offer supervised visitations, supervised exchanges, and the Parenting program.

Where is Kinship located?

Kinship is located off Perkins Avenue within Osborn Park in Huron, OH. Take Rt. 250 to Perkins Ave or take Bogart Rd to Galloway Rd to Perkins Ave. You can also take Cleveland Rd to Perkins Ave.

What exactly is supervised visitation or exchange?

A supervised visitation is when a child is brought to KinShip to see their non-residential parent (the parent they don’t live with). A monitor will sit in the rooms or just outside the rooms to document all conversations and activities. These reports are kept in the family’s personal file and shared with the courts if required.A supervised exchange is when the residential parent drops the child off to be picked up 15 minutes later by the non-residential parent. Exchanges can be anywhere from a couple hours, to days or weeks, depending on what is scheduled. The frequency and length of visitations and exchanges depends on what the court has ordered, the family’s availability, and KinShip’s availability.

What is reported and why?

All monitors are trained to write fact-based reports. They will report what activities take place during a visitation, any conversation, and any critical incidents. These reports are helpful for the courts to determine what steps need to be taken in future. KinShip does not make any recommendations as we are a neutral party for the families. This is a safe place, free of judgment for the families to enjoy time together.

How can I get the services I need?

You can be referred to KinShip by the courts, Children Services, or be a self-referral. During a court hearing the judge or magistrate may order a family to use supervised visitation through KinShip for a period of time. KinShip then sends all reports to the court to show how a family is doing. A Self-referral can use KinShip as much or as little as needed. All parties must complete an orientation before starting any of the services. The Director then assesses the family’s needs and gets them on the schedule.

What happens when a parent doesn't show up?

If there is a scheduled visitation or exchange and one or both of the parties does not show up, it is considered a No Call/No Show. If it involves a visitation and the non-residential parent does not show after 15 minutes of the scheduled visit and does not call to state they will be delayed, the residential parent is called to come pick up the child. The party or parties that didn’t show will be called the following business day for an explanation of their absence. After two No Call/No Shows, the family may be terminated from KinShip services.

What is the fee for services?

All visitations are $10 per party, per visit unless one party is ordered to pay all fees. All exchanges are $5 per party, per exchange unless one party is ordered to pay all fees. (This means if you exchange twice in one day you owe $10) If you are unsure what you are to pay, please call the Director. No one is refused service for lack of money.

How can I volunteer at Kinship?

All potential volunteers will be interviewed and must pass a BCI check. You can also volunteer in other ways such as donating meals or snacks for the families, pre-made craft kits, landscaping services or any other way you feel you want to share your time or resources.

What hours are Kinship open?

Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday’s 9am – 8pm. Closed on Mondays and Saturdays